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SKIPWORTHS began operation in 2009 in Cockatoo Valley, set amongst the rolling hills of the Barossa Valley, South Australia. The business has grown steadily over the last seven years  by providing first class equipment, top class drivers, and an absolute focus on quality service. This focus on quality has seen us become the preferred sub contractor to some of the largest transport companies in the country.

Our fleet is continually being updated to ensure that our freight is delivered on time, every time. SKIPWORTHS also trusts in the theory of providing the right equipment for each individual customer, and we always welcome any input from our partners as to their specific requirements.

SKIPWORTHS obtained NHVAS accreditation in 2015. All of our partners have extremely strict safety criterea to pass every six months, so this ensures that we are regularly audited and held accountable  for our OHW&S policies and procedures.

With the assistance of our co-op partners around the country we have the ability to service any state or territory in Australia, with access to a wide variety of equipment including, flat tops, Tautliners with either 4.3, or 4.6 high roofs, and mezzanine floors,  Refrigerated trailers, extendable trailers. We have vehicles capable of operating away from home for extended  periods, and capacities up to 130 ton triple road train configurations.

Our head office is run out of South Australia with Administration and Operations staff  based in Parafield gardens, which is in the northern suburbs close to farming and manufacturing areas. Our yard has road train access and is a great  starting off point for freight going to Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, or farming areas throughout the Riverlands of Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

SKIPWORTHS is gaining a reputation as being a great company because of one reason. An absolute focus on our customers needs, and a desire to see their business succeed, so that as partners we can grow together.

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Head Office

Phone 0448 567 770
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Jason Skipworth

Phone 0437 856 777

Dave Somerville

East Coast Operations
Phone 0455 976 777

David Jensen

Adelaide Operations
Phone 0417 856 777